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Fen Rewards

    Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions (the "Terms") govern the frequent guest program of temporary lodgings and hotels of the Esplendor and Dazzler chains, known as "Fen REWARDS Program" (hereinafter, the "FËN REWARDS PROGRAM"), operated by FËN Group S.A., established in Paraguay 1132, 3rd floor, City of Buenos Aires (hereinafter, "FËN GROUP"), and applicable only with respect to the Esplendor and Dazzler hotels listed in these Rules.

    By becoming a Member of FËN REWARDS, i.e. as a member of the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM, you agree that you have read, understood, and agree ( a) to the Terms, ( b ) the terms of use of the website www.fenrewards.com_ (hereinafter , the "Website") and ( c ) the Privacy Policy of the Website.

    These Rules may be replaced or modified, in whole or in part, by FËN GROUP, without obtaining your express consent in respect of such changes. Your continued participation in the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM constitutes tacit acceptance of any modification or addition to these Rules. It is your responsibility as a member of the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM to keep abreast of the Terms and any amendments thereto, so we suggest regular consultation. FËN GROUP may terminate the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM without prior notice to Members of FËN REWARDS and without this signifying the right to compensation any for benefits not enjoyed.


    1.1. FËN REWARDS PROGRAM is a benefits program for frequent guests of Esplendor and Dazzler chain hotels and temporary accommodation.

    1.2. Only the following Esplendor and Dazzler hotel chains and temporary lodgings (the "Participating Hotels") participate in the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM:

    (a) Dazzler: Dazzler Camberland, Dazzler Campana, Dazzler San Martín, Dazzler Maipú, Dazzler San Telmo, Dazzler Recoleta, Dazzler Flats Basavilbaso, Dazzler Flats San Telmo, Dazzler Suites Recoleta, Dazzler Puerto Madryn, Dazzler Lima and Dazzler Montevideo.

    (b) Esplendor: Esplendor Buenos Aires, Esplendor Palermo Soho, Esplendor Palermo Hollywood, Esplendor Mendoza, Esplendor El Calafate, Esplendor Savoy Rosario and Esplendor Montevideo.

    The benefits granted may only be used in Participating Hotels.

    In the case of entry of other hotels of the Esplendor and Dazzler chain in the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM and/or removal of any hotels from the list of Participating Hotels, this shall be communicated through these Rules and it will only be possible to obtain benefits in the new Participating Hotels as from the date of their entry into the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM, no benefit may be claimed for nights contracted prior thereto, nor can any benefit be obtained after the elimination of a Participating Hotel from the list, even if the reservation at the hotel that was a participant in the program was made prior to its elimination.


    2.1. Requirements to register as a member of FËN REWARDS PROGRAM:

    ( a) Be an individual, resident in a country that legally permitS participation in the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM. Legal persons cannot register in the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM.

    ( b ) Be at least 18 years of age.

    ( c ) be legally able to accept the Terms.

    ( d ) Complete the entire application for registration for the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM, through the Website.

    ( e) Not be, or not have been during the preceding 12 months a FËN GROUP employee or a relative of a person who meets that condition up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity and/or affinity.

    ( f ) should provide all information required by the registration form and have a valid e-mail address, for ​​all required notifications by the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM. The inaccuracy or falsity of the information provided, or the absence of any of it, will void the application for registration. Any communication sent to a Member of FËN REWARDS will be considered received two business days after having been sent to the email address provided. It will be the obligation of the FËN REWARDS member to keep their personal information updated.

    (g) Not being a FËN REWARDS member or having been removed from FËN GROUP for any reason in accordance with these Rules.

    2.2. Registration as a member of Fen REWARDS PROGRAM is free. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY.

    2.3. Each person registered in the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM for the purposes of these Rules will be known as a "Member of FËN REWARDS". FËN REWARDS Member status is lifelong, or until the member is removed from the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM for any of the reasons provided for in these Rules. No Member of FËN REWARDS will be removed from the FËN REWARDS Program for failing to buy nights during any period of time. Registration in the FËN REWARDS Program and maintenance of FËN REWARDS Member status does not require the purchase of nights at Participating Hotels.

    2.4. The benefits of the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM are not transferable, whether between live persons or as inheritance, unless expressly stated otherwise in these Rules.

    2.5. Registration as a Member of FËN REWARDS will become effective automatically. Identification as a FËN REWARDS member will be through your registered Email.

    2.6. If, after registration, FËN GROUP should detect a FËN REWARDS Member's non-compliance or breach of any of the requirements to be considered such, they will be eliminated, and will be informed of that fact and the reasons therefore.

    2.7. Any change in the information provided by the FËN REWARDS Member upon enrollment in the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM, must be properly modified in the user account profile of the FËN REWARDS Member Website. FËN GROUP is not responsible for any changes in the data that has not been properly informed.

    2.8. FËN GROUP reserves the right to eliminate a guest from the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM, without notice, which would include their elimination from FËN REWARDS membership immediately and the loss of accumulated FËN REWARDS Nights and status in any of the categories if: ( i ) their behavior is inappropriate, criminal, immoral, unethical or discriminatory in any Participating Hotel or any other FËN GROUP hotel this incurring elimination thereof, ( ii ) the performance of acts by a FËN REWARDS Member which are contrary to law and other applicable regulations , ( iii ) non-payment by a FËN REWARDS Member of any invoice , for any reason , due to FËN GROUP or any hotel of the Dazzler and Esplendor chain, ( iv ) violation by a FËN REWARDS Member of any of the terms of the Website use [M1] and/or the Website Privacy Policy [ M2 ] , and/or of the Terms , or (v) if the FËN REWARDS Member wrongly used the benefits related to the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM .

    2.9. Furthermore any FËN REWARDS Member may request cancellation of their membership by sending an Email to, with the subject ELIMINATION FROM THE PROGRAM. They will immediately lose all membership benefits and accumulated FËN REWARDS Nights.


    3.1. FËN REWARDS Members will immediately access FËN REWARDS benefits merely by registration in the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM.

    3.2. In the case of hotel nights in Participating Hotels reserved by a corporate customers, which are not reserved or paid by a FËN REWARDS Member, who will then stay in the room, FËN REWARDS Benefits do not apply for discounts, as a corporate rate will be applied and companies are not eligible as FËN REWARDS Members. However, other benefits FËN REWARDS benefits are applicable.

    3.3. FËN REWARDS Members may not enjoy the benefits of FËN REWARDS for complimentary night stays, granted free of charge for any reason.

    3.4. FËN REWARDS Benefits only apply if at the time of booking the FËN REWARDS Member has identified themselves as such. It is not possible to request future benefits, if at the time of reservation you are not registered in the program. Furthermore, FËN REWARDS Members must identify themselves as such at check-in, proving their identity with a national identity card or valid passport, and specifically request any corresponding benefits. If this is not done, the rights to FËN REWARDS will be forfeited as they were not requested. Only one (1) FËN REWARDS Member by room may enjoy the benefits of FËN REWARDS, including special promotions, and they must make their identity as a FËN REWARDS member known at check-in, to enjoy benefits during their entire stay.

    3.5. FËN REWARDS Benefits are:

    a) Exclusive offers and promotions for FËN REWARDS Members. FËN REWARDS Members will receive offers and promotions sent to the Email stated at the time of registration. Only FËN REWARDS Members may make effective use of these promotions. The offers, discounts and promotions are not cumulative or combined. Promotions or offers may include special discounts or other benefits. In no case will these benefits include sweepstakes or lotteries with random results.

    b) Preferential Prices: FËN REWARDS Members enjoy a 10% (ten percent) discount on room rate, applicable only for online bookings made through the FËN HOTELES booking engine at (the "Reservation Center"). This discount is additional to any of the discounts or special promotions referred to in paragraph a) of Section 3.5. (e.g., if the FËN REWARDS Member is entitled to a special discount of 20 %, it will be combined with this 10% discount, and the FËN REWARDS Member will therefore get a discount of 20 % + 10 %. No further benefit or discount to which the FËN REWARDS Member is entitled shall be added to this. For example, if they are entitled to a further 5% discount, this may not be used for the same booking. Similarly, if there is a 2 for 1 benefit for example, 10% off may be applied to that fee, but not any other additional discount of 5% to which the FËN REWARDS Member is entitled). Benefits subject to limitations set out in these Rules.

    c) Late check-out. Benefits subject to availability at the Participant Hotel. This benefit must be requested 24 hours prior to 00:00 hours on the day of discharge from the Participant Hotel. Participant Hotel late check-out policy will apply, since late check-out schedules vary in each hotel.

    d) Early check-in. Benefits subject to availability at the Participant Hotel. This benefit must be requested 24 hours prior to 00:00 hours on the day of admission to the Participant Hotel. Participant Hotel early check-out policy will apply, since early check-out schedules vary in each hotel. .

    e) Room upgrade: improved room category, to the category immediately above that reserved, without additional charge. This benefit is only applicable in Participating Hotels in which there is more than one room category. Benefit subject to availability at the Participant Hotel. If there is no availability in the class immediately above the one booked, the benefit will lapse, since it is not possible to request an upgrade to another higher category.

    3.6. Promotions or special offers will be available for limited time, as indicated in the communication of each promotion or offer and may cover some or all of the Participating Hotels.

    3.7. FËN REWARDS Members discounts are not cumulative if two FËN REWARDS Members stay in the same room. This means that only a 10% discount referred to in paragraph c) of Section 3.5 is applicable. Precedent per room, for example. The above mentioned discount, as well as any other special discount, apply only to the grid rate (rate listed in the Booking Center for the Participant Hotel).

    3.8. FËN REWARDS Benefits will not be exchangeable for any other goods or benefits, or for additional discounts, credit notes or cash. If there is no availability for a given benefit, such as late check-out, it will not be replaceable by any other benefit.


    4.1. The Website Privacy Policy terms are applicable to the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM and data provided by FËN REWARDS Members. Notwithstanding this, note that FËN GROUP respects the right of FËN REWARDS Members to protect personal data, as covered by the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 25,326 and concurrent regulations. 25.326 and other related laws. FËN GROUP is responsible for the database, and is duly registered in accordance with applicable law. Any participant who wishes to delete or know any personal data appearing on the same, to update or correct errors or to exercise their right of withdraw or partially or completely block their data on the database, which will involve their automatic elimination from the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM and loss of accumulated FËN REWARDS Nights and loss of all benefits must apply by mail to the address of FËN GROUP in the header of these Rules, or by e- mail to

    4.2. Data of FËN REWARDS Members will be used for the purpose of development of the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM according to the provisions in these Rules, and will be deleted from the database once the FËN REWARDS is eliminated or the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM is eliminated. Notice is hereby given that Article 27, paragraph 3 of Law 25,326 provides that "the holder may at any time request the removal or blocking of their name from the databases to which this Article applies " [ M3 ] .. The holder of personal data is entitled to exercise their right of access them for free at intervals of not less than six months , unless a legitimate interest is justified for that purpose as provided in Article 14, paragraph 3 of Law No. 25,326. The NATIONAL DIRECTORATE FOR THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA, Control Agency in accordance with Law No. 25,326, has the authority to address complaints and grievances that are filed with respect to the breach of the rules on personal data protection.

    4.3. Any change in the database will be effective within 96 hours of receiving the request.

    4.4. FËN GROUP may send FËN REWARDS Members promotions, offers and other communications from time to time, which could include offers and promotions of third party goods. FËN REWARDS Members not wishing to receive such communications, may request this at .

    4.5. Data of FËN REWARDS Members shall not be disclosed to third parties except to administrators, operators or owners of Participating Hotels, to the extent that this is necessary for the functioning of the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM.


    5.1. FËN GROUP reserves the right to cancel in whole or in part the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM without notice and to modify the benefits granted by notifying guests of said circumstances on the Website or by sending an Email to each FËN REWARDS Member, at its sole discretion.

    5.2. In case of modification of the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM all benefits under the same shall expire automatically, without any obligation or liability on the part of FËN REWARDS head or the Participating Hotels, and without implying any right on the part of FËN REWARDS Members to claim compensation or payment of any sort.


    6.1. All disputes arising out of or relating to the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM will be governed, construed and enforced under the laws of Argentina.

    6.2. Any issue relating to these Terms and the FËN REWARDS PROGRAM will be settled before the competent national courts, in Buenos Aires, waiving the right to any other jurisdiction.